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Advice from Writing Mentors #1: Allan Gurganus

Here at 4 and 20, I’ve focused on debut novelists and the back stories behind their first books. But now, I’d like to share advice from authors whose writing about writing has been helpful. I’ll start with Allan Gurganus who I was lucky enough to

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Debut Novelist Interview: Elizabeth Huergo

Elizabeth Huergo’s debut novel, The Death of Fidel Perez, has just been published by Unbridled Books and I’m very excited to read it. As none other than Oscar Hijuerlos has said of her book, “There is an erudition of language

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Jennifer Spiegel: Two Books in One Year, Not Bad for a Beginner

Out of the blue, author Jennifer Spiegel wrote to me and said that she had pitched to interview with me to The Nervous Breakdown and they had agreed! What a great way to make a new friend. Jennifer was already doing something incredibly nice

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